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Data discoverability for CMBS deal WFCM 2021-C61 updated as of 2024-05-29.


Wells Fargo Commercial Mortgage Trust 2021-C61's issuance is a U.S. CMBS transaction issued from the WF shelf and backed by 123 commercial mortgage loans with an aggregate principal balance of 1.5 billion at issuance, secured by the fee and leasehold interests in 330 properties across 40 U.S. states.

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Fund Holdings

Explore the latest fund holdings for WFCM 2021-C61, sourced directly from the most recent NPORT-P filings on EDGAR SEC.gov. The funds in this table should have a reporting period end date in the future which means the holdings are current as of the most recent filing.

Fund NameFund LEIFIGI SearchTotal ValueReporting Period
Performance Trust Total Return Bond Fund254900NYB6EW786MJS87Search FIGI$8,554,3562024-08-31
Performance Trust Strategic Bond Fund254900NYB6EW786MJS87Search FIGI$8,077,9052024-08-31
PSF PGIM 50/50 Balanced Portfolio896KMYUYTUBKV7S4AA52Search FIGI$7,595,6102024-12-31
LVIP Delaware Diversified Floating Rate FundQZP45OZ911ZCPRF1PX25Search FIGI$7,410,7102024-12-31
Multi-Manager Total Return Bond Strategies Fund8DID67HJNOBUIXV71679Search FIGI$6,697,8322024-08-31
Janus Henderson Multi-Sector Income Fund549300WARVMK66TM8315Search FIGI$5,010,3192024-06-30
iShares Core Total USD Bond Market ETF549300IWM5U5LVTDP761Search FIGI$3,615,0012024-10-31
Fidelity Total Bond Fund52O386XUF1CQJ82UNB64Search FIGI$2,260,2102024-08-31
Nationwide Loomis Core Bond Fund549300ZRG1B2XM4FIS52Search FIGI$1,848,6882024-10-31
AST PGIM Fixed Income Central Portfolio5493004PPIB4NJOLH005Search FIGI$1,754,5882024-12-31
Fidelity Series Investment Grade Bond Fund7B6U1TGPCZG3LQQICN38Search FIGI$1,700,8522024-08-31
Fidelity Investment Grade Bond Central FundFS2SIS7AHLZIR07EXE40Search FIGI$1,624,6312024-09-30
Fidelity SAI Total Bond Fund549300PXI48DGSRO4U72Search FIGI$1,324,2882024-08-31
EQ/Core Plus Bond PortfolioTTWP6GWV8NQTVWK03G86Search FIGI$928,9682024-12-31
JNL/DoubleLine Core Fixed Income FundMB7NZP6EO4DC5ZJFI334Search FIGI$841,5602024-12-31
Diversified Income FundZ3JN35WE26MM2N5JM972Search FIGI$772,7442024-10-31
RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Income Fund549300YZY76CZT2T2497Search FIGI$631,4812024-09-30
MFS Commodity Strategy FundT0OEQ8I3F6DXUJCOV412Search FIGI$403,1962024-10-31
Fidelity Total Bond ETF549300VK0I6RC7ZFUM07Search FIGI$268,5562024-08-31
MFS Limited Maturity Portfolio549300278SPJGR06E765Search FIGI$262,5532024-12-31
VIP Investment Grade Bond PortfolioAZSBHRKQPXSD7DXFFH95Search FIGI$180,5152024-12-31
Fidelity Investment Grade Bond FundN9AAYQAOCG8868R86695Search FIGI$179,0372024-08-31
Fidelity Total Bond K6 Fund549300YDL7N53AVV4R59Search FIGI$89,5192024-08-31
Fidelity Series Investment Grade Securitized Fund549300SCBY1VRBYHW061Search FIGI$89,5192024-08-31

* This table is not yet exhaustive. It is a new feature and contains only the funds we have found so far based on the tranche identifiers we know about. We are still working on it!
* The FIGI Search url provided for each fund will link you to the OpenFIGI search page to lookup FIGI identifiers.
* Reporting Period represents the reporting period end date from the NPORT-P filing.
* For full disclosures, please visit our disclosures page.


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